Archive for the General

From a flicker of an idea back in June to a professional, ready to deliver product only 13 weeks later, what a tremendous environment we’ve been exposed to.  From collaborating with creative people to enjoying the support of our teammates to learning subtle tips and techniques, the Product Factory has been an enormous incubator and enabler for our ideas, goals and lifestyles!

As we come to the end of Product Factory 6, there has been a tremendous amount of momentum!  The goal of this blog is to capture that momentum and provide a place for all of us to transition to as our course ends. 

Our product creation part is over but our  “revenue part” is just beginning and wouldn’t it be great if we could all continue to have an environment to trade ideas, collaborate and help each other progress.  

If people have contacts in the other Product Factory sessions, they would be invited to join us too.   

There are a lot of ideas floating around for this Alumni Site.  One of the most popular ones is to set up a free tele-call and continue the communication on some sort of regular interval (monthly???).   

Right now, the goal is a modest one… take a couple of days and have some of the bare bones in place! We’ve built some incredible excitement over the last couple of months and hope to continue the existing relationships and build some fantastic new ones.

Look forward to providing more info as the site progresses. 

In the meantime, please stay tuned!